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  Forged Steel Extended Body Valves
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Zhejiang Sri Lanka stellite valve Co., Ltd is a set of design, manufacture and sales of large valve business. Company's products mainly include five series: power plants with all kinds of high temperature and pressure valve, the cut back valve, check valve, vacuum valves, scum valve; oil and gas and petrochemical use all kinds of ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, non-return valve, butterfly valve; municipal works to the drainage and sewage treatment with special valves; industrial automation control valve valve; military special valves and other products. And in the production of high and medium pressure valve on the basis of regular professional development of all types to replace imported dedicated to the development of special materials, on-site mapping and other non-standard valve products and transformation, supporting various types of imported valves and other accessories, submitted the design of the program localization . Should film in the petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, urban construction and other industries. As the company continued to grow, enterprises need a joint, a new way of thinking to promote the rapid development of enterprises, we are trying to expand into new markets, actively expanding export business people, to shape, intensive enterprise development, in new areas to open up a fertile soil, so that the future development of enterprises in an invincible position, work together to build group and globalization business. To this end the company will continue its efforts to implement "100-1 = 0" management model, the implementation of "zero-defect management" project, and further optimization to improve product design to " 'stream of products, first-class service" return customers. Users are welcome to use our products, and welcome to visit our company to guide the user to visit!

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