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The domestic parts industry should be wary of foreign anti-dumping again

According to WTO data, 2005 China World Trade Organization member states face a total of 57 anti-dumping investigation cases, compared with an increase of 8 since 2004, ranking first in all WTO members, door to second place with only 14 cases in Indonesia. Concerned that although the auto industry will not expose too much of the current anti-dumping, but in the long run, as the scale of the expansion of exports, coupled with China's export order of non-standard parts and components, the future is very likely re-emergence of China abroad auto parts industry, the anti-dumping. In this regard, parts enterprises should be vigilant.

     In fact, since 1979 China has been suffering since the first anti-dumping, has long been involved in China's automobile industry's anti-dumping cases, and the number of nearly 10 occasions. The products involved are mainly wheels, gaskets, brake drums / brakes, disc brake cylinders, automobile tire anti-skid chains, windshields and steel fuel tanks and other varieties.

     Why anti-dumping parts industry

     Experts pointed out that currently, China's auto parts exports are mainly concentrated in low value-added, high energy consumption, raw material-intensive and labor-intensive products. Therefore, the international market, China's auto parts appear mainly low-tech products, such as auto glass, tires, tanks, filters, bearings, brakes and so on.

     China's auto parts products, competition in the export trade to the volume and price competition, majority, and the corporate technological innovation and marketing capabilities are lagging. Parts products lack the brand advantages in market competition can only be at a low price to win. According to experts, the following conditions may be subject to anti-dumping: Product sales price lower than the normal price; consecutive 3 to 5 years exports have increased dramatically; prices continued to fall and to give local industry impact. Although China's auto parts exports continued to increase, however, there is a large number of export competition, domestic producers over the phenomenon of low-cost targeted. This is not only damaging to the country of export interest to the automobile industry, but also damage to the automobile industry's overall competitiveness. This low-priced competition for the parts industry in other countries subject to anti-dumping conceals potential problems.

     In addition to producing low-cost, competitive advantage strong and sustained boom in exports of other countries under pressure, the 2001, as a compromise, agreed that China's accession to WTO, its exports in the 15 years of anti-dumping cases were treated as "non-market economy "national treatment. Therefore, the anti-dumping in China more vulnerable to attack, more likely to be victim of anti-dumping.

     How to avoid anti-dumping

     Auto parts enterprises how to avoid being anti-dumping? An interview with the Ministry of Commerce of Industry Injury Investigation Bureau, responsible person. The official pointed out that parts enterprises If you want to avoid anti-dumping, the most fundamental way is to adopt a quality win and seek product differentiation. This requires that parts enterprises to improve their technological competitiveness, build brand, price competition will simply turn to technical quality and brand competition. In addition, if the spare parts business importing country's technical regulations and trade rules do not sufficiently understand the importing country may also be initiated anti-dumping lay hidden dangers. Therefore, a careful study of the major automobile importing countries technical regulations, market environment and trade rules, but also an important measure to prevent the anti-dumping.

     At the same time, the state laws and regulations to regulate the development of relevant parts and components export order will protect the interests of the Chinese parts enterprises to play a significant role. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced the "improper conduct an investigation and punishment of low-cost export requirements (provisional)" (revised draft), will help limit the number of export manufacturers, and guide cooperation and competition among the manufacturers rather than the vicious competition, thereby enhancing our auto parts industry's international competitiveness.


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