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Maximum Auto Parts base in the west settled in Hechuan
Yesterday to the news from the Hechuan district government, said bosses Wenzhou Auto will invest billions of dollars to establish an area of 5 square kilometers in the Hechuan's Auto Parts base. The base of the West's largest Auto Parts Upon completion, the annual output value will reach 15 billion yuan.
This major project is in mid-April of this year, the Chongqing municipal party and government delegation to visit along the coast, when the fruit. Hechuan District Government and the success of the Group of Wenzhou, a year after the negotiations, formally signed during the visit. Wenzhou success Group is affiliated enterprises, management, including automobiles, motorcycles, computers, etc., more than 200 kinds of commodities.

Yesterday, the Chongqing Development Co., Ltd. was established successfully. Zhang, chairman, said in an interview, Wenzhou is the National Auto parts production base of four, there are more than 2,000 Auto parts manufacturers. "In recent years, these enterprises face a bottleneck in development." Zhang said, "On the one hand, land use and rising cost lead to business expansion difficult; the other hand, many enterprises have the problem of inadequate recruitment. As a result, these enterprises started Auto Transfer to the west. "

Zhang said that Chongqing is supporting enterprises in Wenzhou Auto terminal market in recent years, west of the 100 enterprises in more than half moved to Chongqing. This not only reduces the cost of land and labor, but also to reduce logistics costs.

However, the relocation of these enterprises are mostly fragmented and style to move, and Auto ancillary companies so closely linked to the success of germination of the group in Chongqing, a base supporting the idea of the establishment of Auto. Through investigation and negotiation, the success of the Group decided to expand Hechuan District Industrial Park, north of the city area, to create a set of production, research and development, training, display, market, commercial and residential, and ancillary services in one of the Auto City.

Under the agreement, the success of the Group will invest 3.8 billion yuan for infrastructure and service facilities, primarily the introduction of Wenzhou, a car and motorcycle parts-based machine manufacturing industry. At the same time, supporting the building of R & D center, testing center and Auto City market and in the end the total investment will reach 10 billion yuan. It is reported that the project will be completed in three years, a two square kilometers construction, all the construction is completed within 6 years.

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