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Auto Parts Industry K / 3 ERP solution
Industry Background

Auto parts industry along with our car, motorcycle industry and to develop. The current foreign parts enterprises show groups of organizations, technology-oriented high-tech, systematic supply and operate new features of globalization, China's parts enterprises facing the challenges and opportunities, showing a corresponding development trends: the formation of modular production, supply system; and gradually establish an independent research and development capabilities, and further strengthen technological innovation.

In addition, the separated parts enterprises, restructuring and joint, the number of firms started to decrease, and strengthen the main operations, creating a competitive edge; the use of low-cost advantage of OEM parts and components enterprises in their efforts to enter the global procurement system, the formation of lean manufacturing, agile based, factory digitization, management information and networking; enterprise information technology has gradually improved, with full-aspect collaboration and electronic commerce.

Industry characteristics

■ Enterprise Category obvious where "host dependent" and OEM integration, non-independent accounting, give priority to supporting the factory; "Fostered by the government-type" belongs to the local configuration of support, for local OEMs, the main models supporting mandatory; "The market is independently Type "as private enterprises in the private, in order to spare parts market-oriented, small scale initial low level of technology, but developing rapidly; and" foreign investment-oriented "technology, advanced management, both inside and outside the two markets simultaneously, enjoy the state preferential policies.

■ Sales of different types of enterprises of varying types and a corresponding sales practices. Supporting the OEM business, to take sales contracts, marketing plans, purchasing consignment model, the order from the OEM supplier to the amount of settlement as a sales volume. Aftermarket parts to market-oriented enterprises, to sell orders for the main-order shipments, according to the relationship with customers, requisitioned from the store or the number of orders to take different sales prices and to be paid.

■ production plan for a complex package for OEM parts enterprises, synchronous OEM production schedules, production plans to gradually break down to the branch, sub shop and final assembly to form a multi-level planning system. By year, the monthly plan generation procurement plans, in particular the bulk raw materials (such as steel plate, the imported raw materials) procurement plan. To after-sale market-oriented parts enterprises, according to projections to determine the bulk raw material procurement plans, according to market forecasts or sales orders to organize production.

■ Products parts enterprises, taking into account a wide range of products "3" and the structure of materials (BOM) configurations. In product design and development phase, on the one hand according to the personalized demands of OEMs to quickly design, product design, on the other hand rapid processing of information (such as material code, the product BOM, process route), provided the use of all aspects of business. At the same time, but also according to the requirements of OEMs, product design changes, product upgrades.

■ Logistics Management strictly general OEMs are currently a "just in time" delivery, OEM production line assembly according to plan, to be issued to the parts factory goods orders, while the parts factory for rapid response to the needs of OEMs in the OEM The final assembly line to be built near the production line or to set up a remote warehouse, to ensure timely delivery.

■ fine production management to customer-driven lean production accounting system, and calls for the elimination of any form of waste, in order to meet customer demand and zero inventory for the enterprise goal. Meanwhile, the compact production processes to flexible production technology, to adapt to different manufacturing process requirements, reducing the production of fluctuations in order to bring change. Low-volume, multi-species production technology procurement with the order of production technology to ensure the supply of raw materials, processes operating equalization to reduce the in-process inventory. The whole process of on-site management, you can monitor the input and output of production and resource consumption.

K/3ERP Industry Solutions main features

Kingdee K / 3 with advanced technology and the application of best practices, introduction of Auto Parts Industry in line with the best information technology solutions. The program auto parts enterprises in the advanced foreign management practices, based on the combination of China's auto parts industry enterprise management status, as well as a large number of project implementation, based on a built-in business processes, project implementation methods, according to Auto Industry characteristics are optimized to help the domestic auto parts enterprises in a number of management innovation and leaps.

Kingdee K / 3 advanced technical architecture, full-featured, MPS / MRP, customized business processes, advanced cost management (process costs, the actual cost), personalized BOS platform, built Kingdee Auto Parts Industry solutions full-scope safeguards, China Auto Parts Industry flying strong wings.

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